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Wearing the Right Glasses for Nighttime Driving and Other Safety Strategies Tags: driving glasses headlights

People who have trouble with night vision usually are uncomfortable with the prospect of driving when it's dark outside. Driving Glasses can be purchased that are intended to help these individuals see better at this time of day. It's important to do some research before selecting one of these products, since they are not all created equally.

The Most Dangerous Time

The National Safety Council reports that nighttime is the most dangerous time to be on the road. The problem isn't only associated with more difficulty seeing clearly at night. It's also the time when intoxicated drivers tend to be out and about. In addition, some wildlife animals are nocturnal and more likely to be crossing the road. Although deer can be leaping across the road at any time of day, they are significantly more difficult to see at night.

Multi-tasking behind the wheel at night is particularly hazardous, yet people don't stop doing this just because it's dark outside. They still feel compelled to answer the phone and even glance at a text message they received. They may try to eat a burger while steering and they might keep searching for a better radio station.

Glasses for Better Night Vision

Some corrective lenses purported to be driving glasses for better vision at night can actually interfere with clarity. People may have tried amber-tinted lenses for this purpose, only to discover less than positive results.

Instead, wearing Lumin glasses for night driving designed by Spektrum is a better solution. These lenses are polarized to reduce glare from bright lights and light shining on wet roads. They also improve contrast in vision so drivers are better able to distinguish and identify what they see along the road.

Other Safety Strategies

In addition to wearing the right lenses, drivers can use several other strategies to improve their ability to see well at night. For instance, making sure the windshield is clean before setting out is important. The headlights should be cleaned when the person washes the windshield too. During a routine oil change, the vehicle owner may ask the automotive technicians to make sure the headlights are properly aligned.

The driver should quit multi-tasking at any time of day, but especially at night. Glancing down at the phone or the radio can lead to colliding with a deer darting across the road. Driving too fast for conditions also must be avoided, so slowing down in rainy, snowy or foggy weather is essential.

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